The Gear I Grab: Ombraz Sunglasses

I’m running out the door on my way to go skiing. I’m late as usual, but if I hurry I might just make it to the resort on time. As soon as I sat down in my truck I remember I left my sunglasses on the dresser. I run back inside because I can’t go on any adventure without them. Partially because they make me look cool and mostly because they prevent the sun from permanently damaging my eyes. I have a choice between my trusty Oakley Holbrooks and my new Ombraz. I grab the Ombraz (which I see myself grabbing from now on) and run out the door. 

The Ombraz sunglasses are a totally new concept that fix a lot of problems with sunglasses. The Ombraz replaced the arms of the sunglass with an elastic cord and designed an almost indestructible frame. They even claim that you can run the sunglasses over with a truck! They come with high quality polyamide optics that are 100% UVA / UVB impenetrable.

During the day I have grown to love the glasses and really began to trust the security of these glasses on my face. I was able to ski fast, turn hard, and even hit a killer rock drop without the glasses moving an inch. At lunch the glasses hung around my neck. This is an awesome feature because I am great at losing sunglasses in the lodge during lunch. As I walked back to the truck after a great day on the slopes with friends I knew the Ombraz were my new favorite pair of sunglasses. 

I thought the glasses would be hard to adjust to, but I got used to them right away. They are super convenient and comfortable. If you need to take your glasses off to read your phone or walk inside really quick you can just drop them around your neck. I seem to forget the glasses are on when I’m wearing them. I have also never worn sunglasses so comfortable with a ski or bike helmet. No pressure points from metal arms pressing into your ears and no headache. 

Whether you need a new pair of glasses for a ski touring trip or you need a new pair of shades for your next bike adventure I can’t recommend Ombraz highly enough. The durability and comfort are unmatched. The lens clarity is amazing and the security while wearing them is incredible. I know they are weird and new but I hope you take my word for it and give them a try.

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