The Gear I Grab: Leki Ski Poles

The ski industry is constantly changing and new ski equipment is released every year. New technology is added to skis and boots but one ski item seems to lag behind; the poles. That was until Leki entered the game with their poles featuring the Trigger S system. 

Even Paisley Loves Leki Poles

As a Ski Patroller I am constantly seeing injuries on the mountain and one common ailment is ski pole thumb. I remember skiing with a friend on a blue bird spring day last season. My wife, a friend, and myself were all enjoying some off piste spring corn (a type of snow that is very soft and resembles white kernels of corn). We were skiing fast and enjoying the perfect conditions. The sky was blue, the temperature was 50 degrees fahrenheit (10 degrees celsius) and there wasn’t a gust of wind on the mountain. All of the sudden we see our friend fall as his ski tangled with some unseen object under the snow. During the fall he reached out to catch himself. His ski pole caught on the snow and bent his arm at a funny angle.

We skied up to him and saw him clutching his hand. As soon as he said his thumb hurt I suspected a strain to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) or ski pole thumb. He said his pole had caught between him and the snow and he wasn’t able to throw the pole away because of his pole strap on his wrist. I have had many crashes like this but my poles release when enough strain is placed on them. This is because I have Leki poles with the Trigger S system. 

The Trigger S system allows for quick on and off of your poles, excellent pole control, and a release feature when too much strain is placed on the pole.  The loop that your pole hooks into has crazy durability and I’ve never seen someone wear a loop out yet. Leki even offers gloves with a built-in loop so you don’t have to wear the straps on the outside of your gloves. The poles are only a little more expensive than other poles on the market. The Leki poles with Trigger S system are usually around $100 USD which is similar to other high end poles. This is only about $50 USD more than the cheap option on the market.

Overall I think Leki poles are a great addition to any skier’s arsenal and with so many options for backcountry poles to ski racing poles there is a Leki pole for everyone. Do you think I’m right about Leki ski poles? Let me know in the comments below or tag me in a post about this review. If you think I am right, what are you waiting for? Go buy some Lekis and bring your ski poles into the modern age. Link to the Leki poles I use.

2 thoughts on “The Gear I Grab: Leki Ski Poles

  1. I really enjoyed this post, in fact, I found it really easy to follow along. Great job explaining how the poles work, it is often hard to describe the function of a product in layman’s terms. I am by no means a skier, but I wanted to go buy a pair and get out there! Well done!


  2. Corban,

    Great post! Though I love my skis, I have never been a big fan of the poles that I use. I was personally intrigued by the Trigger S system since I need better control of my poles. Reading about them was very entertaining and reading about the injuries further showed me I need better poles. Thank you for the information and now to buy them!


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