The Gear I Grab: 5 Affordable Ski Gadgets

1: Zippo Hand Warmers: How many days have we spent camping or sitting on the chairlift with freezing cold hands? Sometimes even your thickest pair of gloves won’t keep the icey bite of the cold away. Those are the days I light up the Zippo Hand warmers I keep in my ski bag. All you need to do to use them is fill the fuel tank with the low odor fuel and light the catalyst burner. These run for up to 8 hours and produce a great amount of heat. These are a must have for any cold days.

2: Anti-Fog Glasses Wipe: I never knew how bad it was wearing a mask with glasses until the start of the covid pandemic. My sunglasses would fog up as soon as I put them on and I couldn’t keep it from happening. One day i was talking to a fellow ski patroller who noticed my glasses were fogged up. He introduced me to these super cool and easy to use anti fog wipes. They work great and never dry out. I have had mine for about a year now and it still works as good as the day I got it.

3: Dude Wipes If you have ever been on a backpacking trip you know that baby wipes are your best friend. A baby wipe shower on the trail helps me feel like a new man even after the hardest day and the longest miles. These are just like baby wipes but the scent and small packages make using them easy. I always keep these in the ski bag for a quick clean up before apres.

4: Boot Dragon: There is nothing more uncomfortable than ski boots; except for maybe ice cold ski boots. They are stiff, cold, and hard to get on. The boot dragons are an easy solution to cold boots. They are boot shaped bean bags that are heated in the microwave and placed into your boots. They heat your boots as you drive to the hill and make sure they are the perfect temperature by the time you are ready to put them on. If you are handy with the sewing machine you can make them yourself, and if you aren’t you can always buy them from the link below.

5: Snow Seal: If you have ever been to a ski resort I’m sure you’ve seen locals wearing leather ski gloves. They are super durable and warm but not waterproof on their own. That’s what Snow Seal is for. It waterproofs leather products instantly and also conditions the leather. Snow Seal is a must have and can help your gloves last for years to come.

Bonus Items: 

Floor mat to keep in your trunk: Getting dressed for a ski day in the parks lot can be a real struggle but a may like the one linked below can make it easy. The mat keeps you dry and gives you a place to set all your items as you get ready to have a killer day on the mountain.

Backcountry ski strap: There are ski straps all over my house performing a myriad of tasks. They are infinitely adjustable and the elastic action maes sure they stay tight. Use them to strap your skis together or to hold a shovel in the bead of your truck. They are cheap and easy to use.

The SnoStrip: I’m sure you’ve heard the familiar sound of skis hitting the parking lot as the whole pile slides off the surface they were leaning against. This usually leads to damage skis and a scratched car. The snow strip solves this problem by simply attaching to your car using magnets and providing you a place to lean your skis. The raised rubber edges prevent the skis from falling and scratching your car.

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