The Gear I Grab: 2022 Every Day Carry (EDC)

Every day when I leave the house I make sure I have all of these items on me. They help me succeed in everyday tasks and keep me prepared for almost anything.

The Wallet: Simple and small is the name of the game when it comes to wallets. Your dads giant billfold is out and this sleek leather beauty is in. It holds everything I need and doesn’t weigh as much as a small child (I’m talking about your wallet dad). Find the link to a wallet just like the one I carry every day here.

The Knife: I carry a knife with me every day to open boxes, pry open cans of paint and generally abuse the blade. I switch the knife I carry every once in a while but they almost always look the same. The knife pictured above is a Boker Kalashnikov. It’s my backup knife and I’m using it because I recently lost my favorite knife, the Spyderco Tenacious. The Tenacious lives at the intersection of quality and value. I lose knives frequently so I don’t ever buy blades that cost over $100. At around 60 dollars this knife is a great value and a beautiful addition to anyone’s EDC. Find the Spyderco Tenacious here.

The Watch: I have a few watches but this is my favorite watch at the moment. It is a Bulova Devil Diver. This is an automatic dive watch that is waterproof up to 666 feet (where the name Devil Diver comes from). It is a classic watch that gets complimented constantly. Being an automatic watch means that as you wear the watch it winds itself and will never need a battery or to be hand wound. Find the link to a similar watch with a different color scheme here.

The Key Clip: I carry a lot of keys for my different vehicles and jobs. I have a whole ring of keys just for my job as a ski patroller. I love this clip that opens bottles and allows me to clip my keys to my belt loop (yes, I clip my keys to my belt like a grandpa. No I haven’t figured how to carry them better than this.) Find an awesome titanium key clip just like the one I use at the link here.

The Gun: Were I live It is legal and normal to carry a gun whenever the situation permits it. I currently carry a Sig Sauer P365X in 9mm with a Holosun red dot site. I carry this gun in the appendix position (right where your belt buckle usually rides) using the T-Rex Arms Sidecar Holster. Find the holster here, the red dot here, and the gun specs here.

The Phone: I currently use an IPhone 13 pro for everything I do. I take pictures for my blog, edit my website, and watch a ridiculous amount of youtube how to videos. The battery life is way better than the last version of the phone and I can actually make it through the day on a single charge. Find more specs about the phone here.

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