The Gear I Grab: Chacos Sandals

When I was in middle school there were kids who wore sandals to school almost every day. When it got cold they would wear socks with their sandals and I thought that was downright weird. Why didn’t they just wear Vans like the rest of us? About 2 years later I stumbled upon a pair of newer sandals at a thrift store. They bore the Chaco brand name. I remembered hearing about Chacos from a friend. Something about how good they were and that they had crazy durability. I looked at the price tag and for only $10 I couldn’t walk away without them (you know I love a deal). So the Chacos came home with me. I threw them in the wash and once they dried I wore them around the house. It was a whole new experience. The foot beds were comfortable and had more arch support than other sandals I had worn in the past. From that moment on I was a sandals in the summer guy. During the summer I wear my Chacos every day and I don’t even look at my shoes until I have to wear hiking boots or the temperature drops below 40 degrees. 

They are awesome summer shoes because they are cooler than hiking boots or running shoes. The fact that your feet are open to the air makes sure that they stay cool, and foot sweat is decreased by a large factor. You also don’t have to wear socks with your sandals which cuts down on laundry (one of my least favorite chores). 

Even Our Dog Paisley Wears Chacos

The Chacos I like are equipped with a toe strap. This is different from many other men’s sandals on the market. The toe straps make sure you don’t slide out of the front of your sandal when you are hiking down a steep slope. The Chacos are also equipped with a durable and grippy rubber sole. The other market offerings like Tevas don’t have toe straps in their most popular model and the soles wear much faster than Chacos do.

This brings us to my favorite part about Chacos. They are built to be rebuilt. This means that all the sandal parts can be repaired and replaced many times to ensure you get the most out of your sandal. When other sandals, like Tevas, wear out they are doomed to the landfill. If your Chacos wear out they can be mailed back to Chaco in Minnesota and be completely rebuilt in 2 weeks or less. The cost of replacing the straps is $36. You also get to customize your buckle, webbing pattern, and even lengthen or shorten the straps when you get it replaced. They will also replace the soles on your chacos for $40 with a new Chaco sole or upgraded vibram sole.

So if you have feet and like being comfortable I would recommend trying on a pair of these killer sandals. You can find them at most outdoor retailers (REI, Scheels, etc.) or try them on through Amazon Prime’s Try Before You Buy program which lets you try on the items at home before they charge your card. Overall these sandals are a premium product that come with a great repair program. This is a recipe for footwear that will last a long time and stand up to any abuse you can put them through.

Check out my favorite Chacos here

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