The Places I Go: The Brighton Ski Resort

I wake up to the icy prick of the morning air. I can see my breath so it must be below freezing. Looking over, I see my wife who is still bundled up in our sleeping bag and blankets. Her head is under the coves in a valiant attempt to fend off the cold. As I look around, I notice that ice lines the walls of our tent camper. It was a cold night indeed, but now we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. After an eight hour drive and a cold night, we have arrived at a powder day at a beautiful Utah resort, Brighton.

My wife has skied here before, but it was before we met so today will be my first time. I get dressed in the sleeping bag making sure to wear my warmest kit. A Patagonia puffy jacket will be coupled with enough gore tex outerwear to clothe the ski team of a small nation. We eat a quick breakfast before opening the camper to the outside world and exposing ourselves to the elements. We are greeted by a rush of cold and a beautiful white landscape when we open the door and hop out. I grab our skis off the ski rack and leave the carving skis behind; today is a day for soft, playful skis.

We jumped in the lift line just a few minutes after opening and headed for the steep stuff. Double black runs are much easier when they are covered in fresh, fluffy Utah powder. The snow is great and we made some awesome turns. We grab a ride on another lift and make our way to a groomed run. The snow is fast and soft so we are able to carve our way down the groomer on skis that are over 104 mm at the waist.

Brighton also has great side country that wasjust begging to be skied. We went out of bounds at the gate and enjoyed skiing an untouched chute that was full of fresh powder. The side country was awesome because you didn’t have to hike out. You just take a traverse along the bottom and it dumps you out at the bottom of the lift. 

After a full day of skiing we were exhausted. We walked back to the truck and talked about our favorite parts of the resort. I thought the coolest part of the resort was the houses in the middle of the ski runs that you could only access by tracked vehicle. There was even a house with a ski drop off the deck that was a supposed right of passage for kids at the resort. Anna loved the pump tracks that the little kids made in the trees all across the resort. I had to admit that they were awesome. Like a mini terrain park that was just as fun when ridden slow as it was fast.

Overall, Brighton was an awesome resort that I would recommend to anyone in the Utah area. It had the feel of a smaller family resort with the best parts of a corporate resort (nice lifts and high quality grooming). The terrain and staff was superb. Learn more about Brighton here and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have on my socials or the comment box below.

2 thoughts on “The Places I Go: The Brighton Ski Resort

  1. Hello Corban! This is a great blog post. I love skiing in my free time, and this blog was very helpful for me to try new places and branch out of the local ski resorts. I also really enjoy your links to gear that could be helpful when skiing. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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