The Gear I Grab: BlackStrap Hood Balaclava

Have you ever gotten a brain freeze from skiing too fast on a cold day? One minute you are enjoying a top speed run on the mountain, and the next you’re feeling excruciating pain. It’s similar to when you eat ice cream too fast… without all the delicious creamy flavor. Fortunately, it is easy to solve this problem with one inexpensive piece of clothing. A balaclava, but not just any balaclava, a BlackStrap Hood Balaclava.

So why do you need to own a BlackStrap Balaclava? I have to admit it’s the best out there. When I first started skiing, I was kitted out from head to toe with Costco gear. A Costco helmet, goggles, gloves etc. The biggest piece of junk from Costco was the face mask. It was made from fleece and it didn’t work at all. When you wore it over your nose it pushed up into your eyes and when you wore it below your nose it refused to stay above your chin. The same is true for every other neck gaiter I’ve ever owned. They are either too tight or too loose, and neither want to stay where they need to.

The BlackStrap has a few design features that make it significantly better than the competition. It has a two piece design with support stitches at the bottom of the mask to help it stay in place. This allows the top of the mask part to be tight enough and allows the bottom to stay put without squeezing your neck. It also uses a quick dry synthetic fabric that is still super comfortable and sun resistant. Of course I saved the best part for last. The mask is super easy to breathe through and resists moisture so you don’t feel like you are breathing through a wet gym sock at the end of the day. 

Overall, the BlackStrap Hood Balaclava solves a lot of the traditional problems associated with balaclavas. The BlackStrap Hood Balaclava comes in a myriad of colors and sizes which means there is a balaclava for every member of your family or squad. So what are you waiting for? Throw out your old piece of junk balaclava and get yourself a BlackStrap.

Do you think I’m right about this product? Let me know in the comments below or message me on any of my socials. I love to hear from the people who read my blogs!

2 thoughts on “The Gear I Grab: BlackStrap Hood Balaclava

  1. Corben – Love the intro here! I always stress out buying gear or equipment, especially for things I don’t understand. And the humor made it way easy for me to consider purchasing a balaclava!


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