The Gear I Grab: Kelty Double Wide Sleeping Bag

When I first got married I did not understand the word cuddle. Nor did I realize that my side of the bed was no longer my side of the bed. My wife loves to cuddle, but don’t worry, I’m not mad about it. This is great when we are home in our bed but becomes a little more difficult when we are cocooned in our sleeping bags at the campsite. My wife said this simply wouldn’t do, and I was left to come up with a solution. Enter the Kelly Double Wide Sleeping Bag.

This sleeping bag solved all of our problems. It was warm enough to use while camping and it allowed us to cuddle all night long. We slept in this bag for a week while we were skiing in Utah, and it kept us warm in 14* F weather (We did add our favorite Pendleton wool blanket and down comforter on top for additional comfort). The sleeping bag material was very soft and the oversized top section held two full-size pillows with ease. The sleeping bag is approximately full bed sized but I find it to be closer to queen size especially when using it in our Go Fast Camper. 

The orange part is the internal blanket on the double sleeping bag

This two person sleeping bag has some neat features like the way it unzips from both the top and the bottom. It also has integrated blanks,like I mentioned above, that you can use if additional warmth is needed. You can also zip off the top section and use it as a small quilt around camp. This is a great feature in the summer because you can use the internal blankets by themselves and change the bag into a summer insulation weight. This sleeping bag uses synthetic insulation which means it weighs a lot more than a down sleeping bag. This didn’t matter to us because we use it primarily for car camping. The main reason I chose this sleeping bag was the price point. This bag came in at $175 dollars from Amazon during a Christmas sale and is currently $200. This price is well below a lot of the competitors. 

Will this sleeping bag save your marriage? No. Will it make camping even better? Only if you love your wife’s cuddling (anti cuddles be warned and steer clear of this sweet piece of camping gear). Overall the Kelty Double Wide Sleeping Bag is a well built and designed piece of camping gear that will serve most couples for many years.

 Do you think I’m right about this sleeping bag? Let me know what I got right or wrong in the comments below or reach out to me on social media.

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