The Gear I Grab: How to Take Care of Your Skis During The Summer

You open your eyes and observe a brilliant white light flooding into your room. Last night the forecast called for a huge amount of snow. As you open your blinds and look out the window you see 3 feet of glorious fluffy powder. It’s the first day of the ski season and it looks like it’s gonna be a great one. 

Last night you packed all of your clothing, boots, and snacks in preparation for today. All you need now is your skis so you can head out the door. Fortunately, your skis have sat in the corner of your garage since the last day of the previous ski season. You open up the garage and grab your skis. As you’re lifting them up onto your ski rack, you notice a little bit of red along your edges and open up the skis for a quick inspection. To your surprise you see that your edges rusted out, your base is white and crusty, and your life is ruined. None of your friends will want to ski with you and you’ll forever be known as the guy with rusty edges. Your significant other may even leave you….

You wake up in a cold sweat; fortunately that nightmare was just your imagination running wild. You always do what Corban says in this article to make sure your gear is ready to go when it comes time to participate in the new season’s opening day. So what does Corban say to do every year? You follow the five steps below which makes sure that your skis are ready to go and your bases stay silky smooth for next season. 

1: The first thing you’re going to do is tune your skis. If you do it yourself this is a great time to patch any scratches on your base and sharpen up those edges for next season. If you don’t do all your own work getting your base and edges tuned in the spring can help you avoid the ski shop rush that occurs every fall.

2: The next step you wanna take is cleaning your bases and edges off. Wax is an oil byproduct and because of that it attracts dirt and grime. At the end of the season you want to remove as much of that dirt as you can from your base. You remove this by using base cleaner to wipe down the bottom of your skis.  You can buy base cleaner here.

3: After all the base clean evaporates it’s time to wax. I’m not talking about your race wax, I’m talking about a thick ugly coat. By applying a thick coat of wax we ensure the base stays moisturized and protects the edges from any rusting that can occur from moisture in the air. This is great wax for summer treatment of your skis.

4: Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder it’s a good idea to loosen your bindings at the end of the season. This prevents excess wear to the springs inside of your ski bindings. It also protects the inserts on your snowboard and can help prevent dimpling on the base of the board. For ski bindings I always recommend you take a picture of the exact din setting. This is so you know where to set the din next year. You do this by running the screw down until it sits at the lowest setting possible. You should also make sure that your rear ski binding is flipped into the ski position because this is the position where the springs have the least tension on them. (if you’re uncomfortable working with or testing ski bindings you can skip this step. This is not an instructional article on how to adjust bindings, and a certified professional should always be consulted)

5: The last step is to store those skis out of any direct sunlight and in an area that is temperature controlled. I like to store my best skis in the back of a closet but if your significant other won’t let that fly a rack in the garage where it’s dry and cool will suffice.

So there you have it. All of the steps to prevent your worst nightmare from occurring. By following the steps you will ensure a long service life from your skis and your skis will be ready to go whenever the resorts decide it’s time to open. Did I miss any steps in preparing your skis for summer? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on any of my social media platforms.

One thought on “The Gear I Grab: How to Take Care of Your Skis During The Summer

  1. Great post! As a skier, I often neglect the care of my gear during the summer. This post made me reevaluate my habits, it is a serious investment and I would do well to take care of my equipment.


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