The Gear I Grab: Groove Ring

When I got married I knew I didn’t want a lame amazon wedding ring like so many guys from my generation have. I wanted a ring as cool as the one I bought for my wife. I wanted something like the second ring all of my older friends have. Big, gold, and diamond encrusted. Well maybe not big or diamond encrusted but something unique. I searched shops and the internet for a month before I found a beautiful mountain ring with a single diamond. It was from a creator on Etsy who custom made every ring. It was love at first sight and my wife ended up buying it for me (although she refused to let me see it before the wedding ceremony).

My Current Wedding Ring

I loved my wedding ring and I was wearing it everywhere. I wore it to work and the gym. It honestly felt weird without it on my finger. This was all fine and dandy until I ended up giving myself a tension injury at the gym because of my ring. I got an injury known as bursitis which is a swelling of the fluid sack in the joint. It wasn’t super painful but i knew if i didn’t change something quick I may get stuck with the swelling and cause permanent damage. This is when I discovered the Groove ring.

The Groove ring is a silicone band that is super comfortable, safe to work in, and safe to use in the gym. It won’t cause bursitis or other crush related injuries. It’s also designed to break under stress which prevents degloving of the finger (that is what it’s called when your finger bone and soft tissues go their separate ways). I got mine in my favorite color, green, and haven’t looked back when it comes to working out. I leave it in my locker so it’s ready to trade me out whenever I go to the gym. Many people would just take off their ring when working out, but with a face like this I have to make sure every woman in the gym knows I am taken. This prevents hurt feelings and devastating life events (only kidding, I just like wearing my wedding band!).

The Groove ring is backed by a lifetime guarantee and free replacement if you purchase it through an authorized retailer. I have already cashed in on this deal once because I tore the ring while deadlifting. Overall the Groove ring is a comfortable product that will keep your fingers safe on the job and in the gym. I would recommend that everyone has one to use when they are working out or just want to leave the expensive wedding ring at home. Check out the Groove Ring

Do you have a Groove ring? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on any of my social media platforms.

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