The Gear I Grab: Jetboil Flash

The wind is blowing. Visibility is close to zero. The snow is falling or rather blowing sideways at a couple of inches an hour. Despite the bad weather we are still standing in line to ski another run. Fortunately, the line is short and the chair lift ride is fast. We have been skiing powder laps all day and by 1 o’clock we are ready for a break. My wife, myself and four of our friends all march into the lodge like we own the place and demand to be seated at the finest table meaning we walked into the lodge and found the only open table. Four of us hold down the table while the other two go after some refreshments. To our absolute dismay they come back with a report of no food available. The storm had taken out an essential water or power line to the kitchen and no cooking was happening at the moment. We were devastated but at that moment I remembered something very important. I tell everyone to stay put while I run out to the truck.

I made my way through the storm and after a little searching I was able to find my white truck nestled amongst the snow drifts. I flipped up my back seat and found exactly what I was looking for. My emergency supply of water, top ramen and my trusty JetBoil camping stove. Loaded up with the treasures I made my way back to the lodge. It took me only a minute to set up the stove and only two additional minutes to boil two cups of water. After about ten minutes the whole team was eating hot noodles and sipping the savory broth. Our team went on to ski almost every square foot of powder on the mountain fueled by the favorite lunch of poor college students everywhere.

That is just one of the days where JetBoil saved the day. It is my favorite backpacking stove because of its extreme functionality and light weight. The JetBoil Flash is made up of two main components. The titanium cup that houses the stove when it’s not in use and the stove. The titanium cup is specifically designed to absorb as much heat as possible and has a handy insulated sleeve that gives you a great place to hold on and also indicates when the water is boiling with super cool color changing pigment. The stove is designed to screw onto a standard butane canister and can be used with regular pots and pans when the adapter is in place.

When I’m backpacking I find that most of the time I only eat dehydrated meals so boiling water is just about the only cooking I do. That’s why the JetBoil is such a perfect match for the type of trail cooking I do. I’ve had my JetBoil for seven years and it’s never let me down once. It’s been on snow camping trips, ski trips, summer backpacking trips, and just about any other kind of camping you can think of. It’s knocked around in my bag for countless miles, sat in the backseat of my truck through all types of conditions, and it still works and almost looks like new. If you’re interested in purchasing one here’s a link to the JetBoil Flash at the best price I could currently find it at.

Have you ever used a JetBoil? Do you prefer to use a different ultra lightweight stove like the MSR pocket rocket? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on one of my social media platforms.

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