The Top 10 Repair Items To Bring On Your Bike Ride

As many of you know, I participate in a few road bike races throughout the year. One of the main races on my schedule is the LOTOJA race. This race is a double century riding from Logan Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming. This is a truly grueling race and there is a lot of steep climbing  and hard miles. This race has a time limit like most races and cut offs along the route. In 2020 I was riding the race and had many months of training. On the morning of the race I felt sick and just assumed the butterflies in my stomach were simply my nerves. I started out the ride and didn’t feel great. As the miles went on I started feeling worse and worse. I was falling behind and well on my way to getting cut off. I was riding as hard as I could to keep myself in the game.

I was climbing one of the last hills when I spotted a gentleman on the side of the road struggling with his bike. I pulled off because that’s what my dad taught me to do. I asked the guy what his name was and he said it was Ray. Ray told me his bike kept kicking the chain off and nothing he did would fix it. I told him I’d give it a look and upon further inspection I found that one of his chain links was failing. This was causing the side of the link to stick out and kick the chain off the bike. I went back to my bike and opened up my trail bag. I pulled out a master link and my chain tool. I was able to press out the bad link and replace it with my emergency master link. Ray was back on the road and super aprectatice of my help.

We rode together for a few miles then I left him behind. At the next stop I learned that 129 miles into the race I was disqualified and wouldn’t be allowed to go on. This was honestly a relief because my nausea had reached unbearable levels and I wasn’t able to drink or eat anymore. I was sick for the next four days and wasn’t able to do much else, but I was able to tell everyone how I helped Ray and how I had the right tools and parts in my trail bag to save the day.

So what should you carry in your trail bag? Below you will find the top 10 things I carry in my road and mountain bike bags. You won’t catch me on the trail without these because nothing is worse than walking a bike home or having to call in your SAG (Support and Gear) while everyone else gets to ride on.

Multi Tool

This tool fits all the bolts on my bike and I use it during regular maintenance to make sure I can fix anything on the trail with this tool.

Tire Levers

These are a must have tool for some of the tighter tires. They help you get tires on and off the rim.

Spare tube

Even if you have tubeless you should carry a tube. I have gotten sidewall cuts that sealant can’t fix and would have walked home without this tube.

Tire Boot

This tire boot is used to repair massive sidewall cuts on the trail and seems to work better than the usual dollar bill or side of the road trash.

Small Patch Kit

Have you ever gotten a hole in your replacement tube? I have and now I carry this little patch kit. Easy to use and much better than walking home.

CO2 Cartridges

Lighter than a bike pump and easier to use. I carry two cartridges for topping off flat tubes or tires.

Chain Masterlink: This repair item has saved me many times and I don’t go out without one. WIth a masterlink you can repair a broken chain with ease!

Rubber Gloves: These are great for dealing with your friend’s greasy chain or keeping that sticky sealant off your hands mid ride.

Emergency Cash: You never know if the 7Eleven at the top of the hill will be accepting credit cards. This cash may be the difference between riding home thirsty or buying that cold mid ride water.

Apple Air Tag

Ever had your bike stolen? I haven’t but if they ever do they better tear the frame apart and find this hidden air tag before I find them.

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