Packing Cubes

It’s the night before a trip and all through the Cocanour house bags are being packed. Just kidding, we still haven’t finished our laundry and the packing process has come to a halt while the washer is completing its cycle. Packing bags for a trip is something Mrs. Cocanour is not super comfortable with. She always seems to over pack and cry at least one time during the packing process. I totally understand this because taking your entire closet and putting it into a duffel bag is an extremely difficult process. There are a couple things that make the process little easier like laminated packing list and packing cubes.

What are packing cubes? Packing cubes are God’s gift to man and possibly the best way to organize your bag ever. Before we had packing cubes our duffel bags ended up looking like a dumping grounds for clothes by the end of the trip. Everything would just get tossed in the bag and it would take forever to find that one shirt or a pair of socks you were looking for. Packing cubes are small zippered compartments that allow you to separate your clothing and keep everything organized. 

My favorite packing cubes are ultra lightweight and come from a company called Eagle Creek. These packing cubes are my favorite because they have a side for clean clothes and a side for dirty clothes. This means as you take clothes out of one side to wear them you simply add them back to the other side once you’re done which keeps your bag super clean and gives you a place to put your dirty clothes. I also like the REI brand packing cubes because they have an expansion option which allows you to zip the bag smaller when you’re not using the space and expand the bag when you need to fit that extra pair of underwear in for your month long trip.

Packing cubes are an extremely useful product and anything from the high-end Eagle Creek cubes to the Amazon basics cubes will do the job. They help you keep your bags organized and make the packing process super easy. Mrs. Cocanour and I love them, and I especially love the way they help her pack easier and stay organized while we are on the road. Check out my favorite Eagle Creek packing cubes and give them a try. Do you use packing cubes when you travel? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on any of my social media platforms.

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