Tentsile Tree Tent

When I was a kid I always dreamed of sleeping in the trees like a monkey or sloth. When I was playing outside I was the kid who was climbing the biggest trees and seeing how high I could go. This led into a love of rock climbing and heights but I still had the desire to sleep amongst the trees. One day While i was watching youtube videos i came across this company named Tentsile who were making what they called tree tents and placing them 30+ feet in the air. The tents were suspended using 3 trees. This was the coolest thing I’d seen in a while. I instantly added it to my wishlist and kept eyeing it for years. There was always a gadget that I would rather spend my money on and the $600 price tag was just a little too much for me. 

The company experienced a lot of initial success and eventually released more models with different price tags. I added it to my Christmas list last year and was happy to unwrap a tree tent on Christmas morning. Not only did my wife buy me an awesome gift, she also got a great deal on the tree tent because she shopped on Facebook Marketplace and found a new one for a steep discount (proud husband moment). I was so excited to try the tent but unfortunately we live in the city and we don’t have any trees in our backyard big enough for the tent. So once again, I was stuck waiting until it was warmer out and we could comfortably go tent camping.

This last week we finally had the chance to go tent camping at Lake Davis California. The weather was a little cold but the scenery was beautiful. The first night in camp we had an unexpected visitor who goes by the name Mr. A. Bear. He seemed to be hungry and helped himself to our chocolate and cheese. After that he visited another camp in search of some salami. He eventually found his preserved meat and with that his charcuterie board was complete. He finished his snack and thankfully left camp without any incident. After the bear left camp we were exhausted and ready for bed. This meant it was time to set up the tree tent.

The set up was super easy and I was pleasantly surprised with the tent and storage bag quality. The tent came in an oversized duffle bag which housed the tree protector straps, suspension straps, tent body, rain fly, tent stakes, and the aluminum tent poles. When you get a cheap tent from Walmart you have to be an expert at rolling tents to get it back in the bag after you take it out the first time. I knew I wouldn’t have this problem with the Tentsile Tree Tent. 

I found three trees that were roughly spaced evenly and began the setup. The Tentsile design allows you to use many tree configurations. This means that you can set up your tent any time you have three points of contact that are spaced far enough for the tent to sit between. The tent will automatically adjust to the configuration and provide you with a taunt floor you can sleep on. Once we got the tent in the air and all set up we decided to skip the rain fly installation for that night and enjoy the stars above us.

This two person model comes with an adjustable strap in the middle that allows you to separate the tent floor into two hammocks if you don’t want to sleep right next to the other person in the tent. We really liked sleeping with the strap all the way loose. This leads to optimal cuddles and great sleep. I also really liked the hanging organization tree in the tent that had plenty of pockets for phones, flashlights, and was even big enough to fit the next day’s base layers. This plus the other pockets and pouches meant there was a spot for everything you had in the tent and it prevented you from waking up at 2 am because your phone slid down and was pressing into that one tender spot on your back.

This tent comes jam packed with storage pockets for all your gadgets and gismos

Another feature the tent was equipped with was gear hammocks which sat under the tent and gave you a place to put your duffle bag while you were laying in the tent. This was an awesome solution to a problem I experienced in many of my other tents as a 6 foot, tallish person. There is never anywhere to put my bag in a small tent which means I end up resting my feet on it while I sleep which is extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. The two gear hammocks on the Tentsile Tree Tent are spacious and easily hold my wife’s and my duffle bags.

We used our favorite Kelty two person sleeping bag and found out how important under insulation was the first night. I was a little cold but my wife was freezing! I felt so bad and the next night we put on the rain fly and added another layer of insulation to the floor of the tent. This helped a lot and the next night we were significantly warmer. It was a good thing we put on the rain fly because that night the sky erupted into a downpour with no warning! Fortunately, the rain fly was very waterproof and the combination of the treated fabric plus the taped seams turned out to be extremely effective. 

When it was time to end our adventure and go home I was a little apprehensive about taking down and folding the tent. It is kind of a weird shape and almost feels like folding a fitted sheet (a skill that took years to personally master). To my surprise the tent and fly folded up very easily and all of the organization bags and straps provided in the tent bag were very helpful. The oversized bag easily swallowed the tent and all the accessories with room to spare.  

Overall, I was very happy with this tent and all the convenient features it came with. In the future I would really like to set it up ridiculously high in the trees (40 plus feet) and see what that feels like. This tent was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to use it in the hotter camping season when the cooling effect of a hammock is much needed. 

Until next time,


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