Fly Fishing at Hobart Reservoir

This last Friday, Anna‘s dad asked us if we wanted to go fishing after work. I thought it was a great idea. Even though I don’t catch fish a lot of the times that we go I still enjoy the activity. Maybe it’s because it feels like gambling or maybe I just enjoy being out in nature with my wife and family. Either way, I was excited about a quick fishing trip after work. 

Anna was a lifesaver on this trip and packed all the fishing poles, water, first aid supplies, and everything else we would need. Then she drove my truck and met me at my work. This saved about 20 minutes of drive time which translated to 20 minutes of extra time with fishing line in the water. The Hobart reservoir is just outside of Carson City Nevada and is a favorite fly fishing spot that locals treasure. The reservoir only allows barbless single hooks on artificial lures or flys. 

The lake is approximately 40 minutes up the dirt road that’s pretty steep and bumpy. Four-wheel-drive and 10 inches or more ground clearance is a must. This was one of the first real off-road tests that we’ve done since we purchased our 2020 Toyota Tacoma last year. At the bottom of the road we shifted the truck into four-wheel-drive low range and use the multi terrain select to change the truck into rock and dirt mode. The truck climbed everything with ease and I was super pleased with the overall performance. The temperature stayed low and we slowly crawled up the road. Once we made it to the parking lot we had about a half mile hike into the reservoir. The first bit of the hike is a super steep single track and then you walk on a forest service road until you reach the reservoir.

As I stated before Hobart is a favorite of fly fisherman and for good reason. The bait restriction and fishing characteristics of the reservoir make it perfect for fly fishing. For those of you who don’t know what fly fishing is, a long pole with a tapered fishing line is used to cast flies. No I don’t mean the common house flies or those pesky gnats that are always flying around your bananas. Fly fishing flies are hooks with various fibers and strings tied onto them. This makes the hooks look like live fly’s and when you cast it out on the water the fish will gobble it up if the fly looks right. Because you want to match the fly to the current food source for the fish a wide variety of flies in your fishing kit is always a good idea. My father-in-law always says to bring a butterfly net since you can catch the insects around the lake and see what the fish are feeding on. If you don’t have a butterfly net with you, just start off with what you can see and change flies relatively frequently until you find one that the fish are biting on.

When we got to the lake I pulled out my fly pole, looked around and put a red fly on my line. I’ve had good experience with this fly recently and wanted to try it out at Hobart. We started fishing by the dam but after a few minutes with no success we decided it was time to move on. We also noticed that every other person that was fishing on the lake was somewhere near the dam. This made me worry that the fish near the dam were overstimulated and unwilling to bite on any flies. We walked about a third of the way around the lake and cast our lines in a new spot. Within three minutes I hooked onto a fish and over the course of the next half hour I managed to catch five fish in total ranging from 6 inches to about 10 inches. All five of the fish I caught were brookies, which is a species of trout. I also managed to catch a few bush fish and one very rare pine tree fish. The pine tree fish was a bit of a fighter and I eventually had to climb him to retrieve my fly. I didn’t keep any fish this trip and was able to release them all back into the reservoir for another fisherman to enjoy.

One of the fish I caught
Climbing a pine tree (a.k.a. the pine fish) to get a fly back

Fishing on Hobart stops at sundown and we stopped about half an hour before that. The wind kicked up a little bit and it was making it extremely hard to cast our fly lines. We all walked out of the reservoir and began making our way back to the truck. I was in great spirits and very excited that I caught some fish. The walk back to the car always seems to be extremely long when no one in the group catches any fish. I was very glad that we got to avoid that experience. As we made her way back into Carson City we had an awesome surprise at the bottom of the road and ran into a herd of about six mule deer.

Deer crossing the road

Overall I had an amazing time with my wife and father-in-law on the Hobart reservoir. I was so grateful that we were able to pull off such a spontaneous trip and it made me extremely happy to spend time out in nature with my family. I Believe that the outdoors are good for the soul and invite every one of you to do something outside this next week.

Until next time,


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