Black Diamond Equipment Apollo Rechargable Lantern

The last time Anna and I went camping we were frequently up before the sun. This was to get a head start on the day and hopefully avoid some of the lift lines in Park City. The Go Fast Camper does a great job at keeping the light out and in the dusky morning we needed to turn on the light. At the time we were using one of my Black Diamond Equipment headlamps which did a great job but had one fatal flaw. We would leave the light on all day. I’m usually really good about turning lights off around the house but as the sun would come up it would light up the tent and hide the fact that the flashlight was on. The next night we would come in to the tent and see a dead battery. I haven’t gotten a chance to get the revolt headlamp yet so I was forced to replace the batteries before i could light up our tent. Unfortunately, I left the light on 3 sepertat times during that trip and had to waste 3 sets of batteries (sending a big sorry to the environment). When i got home I decided to change something and went looking for a solution

I have always liked Black Diamond Equipment lights because of their strong mix of durability, brightness, and price point. Naturally that was the first place I looked when I wanted to buy a light to live in the camper. I was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what I was looking for in just a few minutes. I was able to find two options: the Apollo lantern and Moji lantern. Because this was going into a dedicated space and we wouldn’t be lugging it around in a backpack I decided to go for the Apollo lantern.

This lantern comes with some really awesome features. The main thing that drew me to this was the rechargeability. After killing three sets of AAA batteries on the last trip I didn’t want to do that anymore. The Apollo lantern came with foldable legs and an excellent attachment system. Many lanterns come with a loop on top but you have to provide your own carabiner to clip it to the top of your tent. The mojo lantern came with a split ring style attachment. This made it easy to hang in the top of our tent. When we want to use it around camp the wire legs flip down and provide great stability for the lantern. The increased hight also helps the lantern throw a better light pattern.

The other feeture I really like about this lantern is it’s ability to dim. By simply holding the power button after you turn it on the light will slowly adjust through an entire range of different brightnesses. Using the lower brightness helps preserve night vision and battery life on the lantern. It is also a little gentler on the eyes first thing in the morning. On the highest setting this light provides 250 lumens using its internal 2,600 mA hour battery or 3 AA batteries. In a pinch you can also use the built-in USB port to charge your handheld devices like phones and tablets.

Overall this lantern which doubles as a battery pack provides a lot of great features. Its durable functional design has been extremely satisfying to me and my family and I hope that we can use this product for many years to come (fortunately Black Diamond sells a lot of replacement parts on their website to help you repair this lantern if anything goes wrong). Remember that the outdoors are good for your soul and I’ll talk to you guys in the next post.


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