Maloja Mountain Bike Kit

Buying mountain bike clothing is often a hard pill for me to swallow. Usually mountain bike equipment is really expensive and I usually tear it up at a quick rate due to my large number of crashes (what can I say, if you’re not crashing you’re not learning). I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this European brand (thankfully sold in America) through a great friend. She introduced me to the high-quality clothing and that was the end of it.

For me the hallmark of a great piece of clothing is forgetting I’m wearing it while it’s on. I love it when all the seams are smooth, the waist is comfortable, and the shirt doesn’t rub in any funny spots. This kit checks all those boxes. I have one of the no pocket jerseys, and a pair of bike shorts with an integrated chamois.

Watch my video for a more in-depth analysis of the garments and let me know if you’d like to see any of the other Maloya clothing I have! I have a couple pieces of road bike kit that is really stellar and a few pieces of ski clothing as well.

Until next time,


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