The Boise Idaho Greenbelt Mountain Bike Park

One of the trails we got to check out while we were in idaho was the dirt jump park on the Boise greenbelt. This was an awesome park in a miniature package. We went with my dad, mom, sister, wife, and my in-laws. This meant a wide range of skill levels. Fortunately there was a lot of variety and different sized jumps. There was a jump sized for every person who was with us. I had bigger jumps to ride and my family got to play and learn on the smaller jumps.

This was a nice park that really exceeded my expectations. The jumps could definitely use some reshaping and the weeds are a little tall but overall it was great for a public park. Of course, we had to visit the playground at the end of our ride session and practice backflips on the swings and 360’s on the spinner of death (I left the spinning practice to my wife Anna who likes it a lot more than I do).

I wouldn’t travel to Boise for the sole reason of visiting this park but it was a ton of fun and if your in the area I would recommend checking it out as a quick session spot. The park address is 4623 Willow Ln, Boise, ID 83703.

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