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Testing outdoor gear so you don’t have to

Hi, I’m Corban. I am a full time graduate student, husband, and outdoorsman. When I’m not spending time doing homework, I love skiing, camping, mountain biking, cooking, and reviewing outdoor equipment I enjoy!

My Must Have Bike Wash Tools

Washing your bike is important for looks and performance. Studies have shown that clean and cool looking bikes are 15% faster on climbers and the riders are 50% more awesome than their dirty counter parts. The previous statement isn’t 100% true but there is an important morsel of truth nestled in that statement. A clean … Continue reading My Must Have Bike Wash Tools

Sun Valley Idaho Pump Track

While my family was in Idaho we had a few minutes between activities in the Sun Valley area. I know most experienced riders don’t care about pump tracks or small jump lines but I think they are great for learning and super fun. In sun valley there is a cool pump track a block away … Continue reading Sun Valley Idaho Pump Track


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